I didn't even know your name. || Hunter Rowland.

I didn't even know your name. || Hunter Rowland.

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|| Morgan || By Mfries823 Updated Jun 05

Sept. 23rd, 2015. // Morgan's pov: 

"Rise and shine!" Mom screamed opening the curtains blinding me with the sun.

I groaned climbing out of bed, feeling my cold feet grasp to the soft carpet. 

I rubbed my eyes, taking in the brightest one last time before making my way to my mirror to do my make-up. 

I looked in the mirror, and sighed seeing myself before I got ready. Glasses, no make-up? Ew.

I started the cover up, which led to bronzer, and finally just a slight bit of mascara and eyeliner to brighten my blue eyes.

I smiled at myself, satisfied to what make-up can do for you.

I walked over into the bathroom, and decided I wanted to be cute today, because I'm always dressing down.

I grabbed the curling iron and was done within a half and hour leaving me with 30 minutes to eat and find something to wear.

I ran into my closet almost knocking down my life-size cut out of Niall Horan on the journey.

"Ew, ew, ew, and uhh" I smiled finally seeing something that caught my eye, "perf...

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