There's a Autobot in my barn

There's a Autobot in my barn

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💛Terror Twins❤️ By FNAFToyChica Updated Sep 15, 2017

Shadow is a 6 year old girl with many problems. 

1. Her Dad abuses her
2. Mom died in The Chicago attack 

And now an Autobot?! Is Shadow's life gonna change or get even worse?

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OMPOMP OMPOMP Apr 08, 2017
OMFG. This is creepy. My dad has abused me ever since I was 5 now I'm 16. My mom lives in Texas and is married to some one else. So now I live with my aunt and grandma. And my friend... I only have 1 the others r fake @$$ b17ch35... but my friend calls me shadow cuz of my dark personality
MelonSeal MelonSeal Jul 15, 2017
Toy chica?'s just your name reminds me of my long...lost friend
sugar_skull_lover sugar_skull_lover Oct 07, 2017
I don't mean to be rude, but bio pages like this are pretty useless. They just give away information that's completely irrelevant and useless to the story.
GeekyGirl424 GeekyGirl424 Jul 28, 2017
How in any given way does her mothers death even connect to her? She isn't Godzilla man! She didn't make that building collapse on her mother!
lunabell4 lunabell4 Aug 05, 2017
Luna: ..... dammit I use to listen to Denver the last dinosaur at that age 🤣 
                              Ella: you still do Luna 😏
                              Luna: quiet you!
AngelWoods0 AngelWoods0 Jan 23, 2017
Wait this seems more like the 9/11 attack since chicago is close to new york and the twins towers got attack and collapsed too either way this is sad and 9/11 too bless there souls