Daughter of Batman

Daughter of Batman

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| Book One |

When Elizabeth Wayne, Bruce's only daughter came into his life everything changed. He didn't know about her at first but once he did he vowed one thing. To always protect her no matter what. Bruce lost his parents and he wasn't prepared to loose his only daughter too. 

Then, Superman destroys the city in his bloody battle with General Zod, endangering Elizabeth's life. In that moment Bruce promises to protect her. From anyone and anything no matter the cost. 
// Batman V Superman//

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DC Comics characters, any of the Warner Bros characters, story lines, and dialogue. I only own Elizabeth Wayne, my other characters and their story lines. Also, I do not own any of the gifs.

Started: April 4, 2016

Finished: April 30, 2016

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                              Work work...
                              AND PeGgY!
Smooth, Jones. Smooth. -_-
                              Her daughter definitely deserves better.
She's a cutthroat b!tch (I doubt anyone will get that reference)
rangers_05 rangers_05 Mar 27
Why put a baby at the doorstep and leave and go with a other guy that is not cool
Well batman ain't gonna be getting no sleep that baby is a definite talker or well mumbler
I like how she knew she was pregnant the morning after. Lol yeah, because that's logic. It can tale as much as 3 weeks after to know whether or not your pregnant. Early signs won't show until at least 5-8 days after.