I Never Got To Tell You [ASTRO Eunwoo FanFic]

I Never Got To Tell You [ASTRO Eunwoo FanFic]

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Description: Park Haesung (You) recently tranferred to another school during midterm due to your parents divorce. The reason for that was... You could see the dead. At school, you had no friends due to your strange powers. You didn't know when you started to see it.. Afterall, you don't remember much of your past.

At the park, you met a boy playing the flute who captured your attention. In the end, he was actually someone in your class. As you spend time together, you started to feel like.. you met him before but you weren't sure.

"Hey Eunwoo" I said

"Neh?" Eunwoo answered

"Have I... ever met you before?" I asked

Eunwoo stared at me.

"....What do you think?" Eunwoo said

Have you met Eunwoo before? Where? And how did you start to see spirits of the dead? Is it related to Eunwoo? Read it and find out :P

Warning: It's a tear jerker, tragic story.

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as my wise friend thanh once said:
                              "Who needs 3D when you have 2D"
YEONGBong YEONGBong Aug 06
Is it a dead boy or eunwoo....or eunwoo.....whos dead.....it depends😂
ok i think this is a flashback whr her mum called her crazy child
baejinyo_ng baejinyo_ng Jun 02
If the girl were to carry it would it look like it's flying to others
She was just trying to be nice... but I guess this'll advance the plot
Tbamazing Tbamazing Feb 08
Same here who needs human interaction when u have social media,music and wattpad