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Better Than Perfect [Neville Longbottom X Reader]

Better Than Perfect [Neville Longbottom X Reader]

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bella-marie By mythowhisp Updated Sep 04, 2016

"True love is like ghosts,
which everyone talks about,
but few have seen..."

When (y/n) Delacour transferred to Hogwarts, she expected an adventure...
but she never expected to find the best friend and love of her life.

Neville just wished he had fallen in love with someone that he had a chance with.

[i do not own any Harry Potter characters, only SOME of the story plot lines]

[target gender: mostly female]

[published: April 9th, 2016]

Diana_Cress Diana_Cress Dec 17, 2016
This is practically the opposite of me in the classroom.  I still get good grades, but I daydream a lot.
AngelofPunkRock AngelofPunkRock Jul 09, 2016
I recently took the Pottermore test
                               Amd after years of thinking i was a slytherin i was sorted into Gryffindor. But im a slytherin for life.
DumbleDoor12 DumbleDoor12 Dec 18, 2016
I'm a Ravenclaw because I'm not hard-working nor ambitious nor brave
Diana_Cress Diana_Cress Sep 05, 2016
I thought the sorting hat took your feelings into consideration...
BulletproofGayScouts BulletproofGayScouts Apr 09, 2016
This is rly hard to read cause I have to give myself her pronouns and... UGH
BakerStreetBaggins BakerStreetBaggins Apr 11, 2016
Not trying to intrude on your writing it anything, but I take it this is supposed to be "f*ck this" right? It's just I speak French, and that's not really how you'd say it. Actually there's no exact translation, but if you wanted, I could help you find a selection of choice French curses.