Graciously Ginny (Letters Of Change Series Book 5)(COMPLETED)

Graciously Ginny (Letters Of Change Series Book 5)(COMPLETED)

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K.C. Goodwin By Kassilassie Completed

(First Draft)
“I need to talk to you.” she said in a small voice shutting the door behind her. Her hair fell from her bun in red ringlets around her face; her eyes searched his making his heart race in a very uncharacteristic way. he’d had been with women since his wife died- mostly saloon girls but none of them made him feel as nervous as the one in front of him. 

“You need to spend less time full as a tick in the saloon and more time with your daughters.” She said looking right at him, that wasn’t what he’d expected her to say at all “I know what you’re going through Mr. Clayton loss is hard but your daughters need you-“

"Loss? What do you know of Loss Miss Wade you are merely a child." He snapped not wanting to hear everything he’d done wrong. What gave her the right to talk to him like that anyway? They had just met.

She nodded slightly turning to leave as she absently played with a ring on her finger She turned back towards him "I was Engaged to a wonderful man Mr. Clayton His name was Fergus O'Reilly and he was everything to me... he died on the eve of our wedding. Now this ring" she said putting her hand up and gesturing to the emerald ring "Is nothing but a broken promise of the life we were meant to share.... But you, you have Wilhelmina and Lorelei. You have a part of your wife always. You have something I would give anything for. All I have are my memories." 

The woman had kept her voice calm, but to him it felt as though he had been slapped in the face. No one had ever spoken to him like that before. 

“Miss Wade I suggest you bite your tongue if you wish to stay on as the governess.”

“Alright fire me, but who will watch your children? Because you certainly won’t!”

clarlim98 clarlim98 Apr 25, 2015
Totally need to agree with you~~~ littleLo's book is really very good
GidgetG67 GidgetG67 Dec 29, 2014
it's is amazing but you and littlelo are my historical writers along with one other........ I have most of if not all of your historical books already saved in my reading list.
cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi Sep 28, 2014
wow. I was shocked that Fergus died. I hope she stops blaming herself!!
KarenFox0 KarenFox0 Mar 30, 2014
I figured something was gonna happen, and now I can't wait until I see what will happen next! I know it will be good as usual. You are so creative!!
SheWolfz SheWolfz Nov 23, 2013
oh man i was crying on this chapter ....sad and i love it all above it.
Kassilassie Kassilassie Jul 12, 2013
@littleLo I know huh? <3 I cannot wait until she meets her new employer either ;) it's going to make things very, very interesting! haha. You are more then welcome! you completely deserve it! X