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Ross has problems with his health. He knows that they can't be solved. After everything that happened, he is still alive. But there's no trace of the joyful boy he was before. He's broken because his body has betrayed his soul and that one sickness ruined him. 

What happens to a ruined heart? 

It never recovers. 


MajaLynch MajaLynch Apr 07
Another great book😘😘 from one of mines favorite writers here😘😃 Love U gurl and keep up with great works💗💗
vestaly vestaly Oct 23
So... no raura babies? . *tear* well at least we won't need condoms now *hides secret pile behind me* i'll just go throw these away now..
Laura_Lynch Laura_Lynch Apr 08
ahh!! Emotional. I loved it. Can't wait for the update!♥♥
Omfg i've just read the first chapter and i'm already loving this story! You are a fantastic writer and one of my faves❤️
Love it already but so sad he can't have kids:,( can't wait for more
OrdinaryIAm OrdinaryIAm Apr 05
Lol this is like the first chapter and I'm already hung over it😜it seems so interesting.. Can't wait to see wat happenes in the future! Updateee!!😍😍😍😁❤️