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I'm not afraid By OriginalityRules Updated Feb 11

Ross has problems with his health. He knows that they can't be solved. After everything that happened, he is still alive. But there's no trace of the joyful boy he was before. He's broken because his body has betrayed his soul and that one sickness ruined him. 

What happens to a ruined heart? 

It never recovers. 


  • badboy
  • cancer
  • changing
  • consequences
  • fallinginlove
  • friends
  • laura
  • love
  • raura
  • ross
  • ruined
  • sickness
  • survival
athena2004pink athena2004pink May 04, 2017
OMG! She is so nice! My friends won't even give me a small note for my birthday, let alone a signature from a person I look up to!
archieroni archieroni Oct 23, 2016
So... no raura babies? . *tear* well at least we won't need condoms now *hides secret pile behind me* i'll just go throw these away now..
ikklove ikklove Apr 21, 2016
I LOVE (❤💕❤💕) Biology and I HATE (🙍🙅🙍🙅)  history!!!
Laura_Lynch Laura_Lynch Apr 08, 2016
ahh!! Emotional. I loved it. Can't wait for the update!♥♥
archieroni archieroni Oct 23, 2016
The hell dude . I woulda kicked his ass outta the house by now
rauraticr5er rauraticr5er Apr 08, 2016
Omfg i've just read the first chapter and i'm already loving this story! You are a fantastic writer and one of my faves❤️