Whatever Claims Me

Whatever Claims Me

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_[Fill in the blank]_ By TeachMePeterPan Updated Jun 10, 2011

"I land on the steps of the train station, nowhere near being tired after running about twelve miles. The pain in my feet exhausts to a tiny ache, as my soul continues to slip away. I have to keep going.

A train approaches at the station with a soft -pishh- as I wonder how I look at the moment, barefoot, fiery red curly hair, frizzy from the running, blue eyes losing focus, grip, becoming soulless, and wearing muddy, worn out jeans and a single t-shirt in the biting autumn, night air. I don't need a jacket, my arms are almost numb now and my rough Halfling survival supremacy is beginning to kick in at a higher pace. As I board the train with one water bottle in hand, and my backpack left on the bench; the scrawny, pale man at the door of the train says, "I think you left your backpack over there." He motions at the bag lying limply at the side of the metal green bench.

"Oh, it's not mine." I lie, shrugging. It's an obvious fib, though I don't care anymore. The girl named Scarlet Red will no longer exist to be ridiculed for ridiculous lying."

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Country29 Country29 Aug 10, 2011
An interesting beginning! I cant wait to see where this goes :)
rookieriter123 rookieriter123 Aug 06, 2011
I Love your cover it has so much depth. The story has a great plot too :)
crazily_wicked crazily_wicked Jul 25, 2011
eeehhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you used my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well except that mine has only one t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like your prologue
AllTimeeLowLovr AllTimeeLowLovr Jun 15, 2011
Oh my gosh! This is so good, so original. I love how you placed in how she really felt, versus what she was being forced to do, without it being to annoying; like some writers do with other things as such.
                              To my library it goes.(:
GraceUgwueke GraceUgwueke Jun 15, 2011
wow very detailed! pretty awesome chapter! :) I love this idea of halflings! its different and i like it! :)
TeachMePeterPan TeachMePeterPan Aug 18, 2010
hey evryone. feel free to comment on this story once u'vee read it...i'd HIGHLY appreciate it.
                              p.s. the keyboard won't bite ;)