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Promise Me ◆ Dan Howell Imagines & Smuts

Promise Me ◆ Dan Howell Imagines & Smuts

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Eira-Wen By Eira-Wen Updated Feb 13

Dan Howell Imagines & Smuts

Feel free to send me requests

Lucas_our_queen Lucas_our_queen Nov 06, 2016
name-Chasity. smut. i want it to be a pretty long story something like i was filming with phil for a video and he was really into me and phil went to tesco to get somthing for the vid  dan and me stared getting iT on why phil was gone. sorry.....i read smut alot
heyviviultimatefan heyviviultimatefan Dec 06, 2016
SaMe and Gerard way I'm like one fourth his age i definitely have some problems
Howell_Lester3 Howell_Lester3 Oct 09, 2016
I can just imagine him as a male stripper saying that 
                              I'm sry I'll leave now
septicmooisnotonfire septicmooisnotonfire Sep 30, 2016
sAME i have problems.. How come all the hottest and most perfect guys are twice my age?   ;-; cri
DanAndOrPhil DanAndOrPhil Nov 07, 2016
                              Both? If you can't do both then smut plz
                              Supah long
                              Dan and Maya are celebrating an anniversary and Phil's out of town (they live in London flat)
                              I'm cool (jk) I'm emo trash and a sarcastic biach sometimes (sarcastic all the time) v insecure about myself brown hair brown eyes big lips 
EMOish_POTATO_ EMOish_POTATO_ Dec 12, 2016
* DIES BCS THIS IS SOOO TRUE* * and also my ovaries exploded*