Return To The Past

Return To The Past

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animeotaku7739 By animeotaku7739 Updated Sep 25

The blonde performed a few handseals and then Kyuubi Chakra erupted from his surprising Madara.
	"What!? But I sealed it!?!?" He shouted enraged.
	His team mates stood in front of his as he flashed through handseals at breakneck speed. When Madara realized what he was doing he threw jutsu down at them. Unfortunately for him, before the jutsu could reach the team the jinchuriki finished his handseals and grabbed one of each of his team mates shoulders and in a flash of blinding white light they vanished.

And with that Team 7 were transported to the past.

After all, if they couldn't solve their problem the present

Why not go back to the past and change it?

I do not own Naruto T^T

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Updateeeeeee please... ;-; I wanna read more of this awesomeness!!
Update please it's a fantabulous  story I want to read more!!!
ChaosRhea ChaosRhea Sep 20
I can only repeat the comments below, when will you update?
                              This story is great so far and has so much potential!!! You can see that you still have many loyal readers, so please don't let us down!😢
And here we all stand or sit wishing we could do this in the real world.
theo1004 theo1004 Jul 24
Needs to be updated please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please update soon I need to know what happens!! 😄😁😃😋