Falling inlove with a Female

Falling inlove with a Female

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liv4always By liv4always Updated Dec 15, 2014

Emily!, emily wake up, ur gonna be late for school, and you don't wanna be late on ur first day was the words I was vaguely hearing in my deep slumber, not realy wanting to wake up and face the new day, bright morning but just that's its not that bright for me

Emily!! Dammit, get up

"Yes christ, I heard you the first time sky, could you please stop shouting."

Well I wouldn't need to shout if you got your ass out of bed, come on, you have less than an hour.

"I'm up, I'm up. Can't I just stay at home today sky, please. I still don't feel up for this new change and new beginnings shit, I no you said to try but incase you've forgotten I'm the one still in school and your the 24 year old child welfare attorney who has eveything under control, I'm still a baby I said, making a cute baby face so my sister skylar would feel some pitty on me.

"Your not a baby anymore Em, your 17 and your not the only one whose going through this you know, I might be a lawyer and seem in control, but I lost...

Karinasz Karinasz Mar 15, 2017
when ur young u just dont think much about the whole picture lol and boys are boys some take pride in how many girls they fuc... girls do the same eh people are stupid.