Ugh, Humans!

Ugh, Humans!

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Kuura By KuuraMal Completed

After Natsu turning into END, life is still normal for the Fairy Tail Mages.
END is basically... like Natsu, well... except for one little tiny thing... he hates humans. But, like Fate always wants to make him suffer, he is now stuck with the wizards of Fairy Tail.
Keep an eye on END's aventures trying to not hate the humans of Fairy Tail! ... If that is posible...

Yeah... Maybe that's just imposible.

I don't own FT, if I did, END would be rocking for a loooong time now xD.
The image in the cover is also not mine. I found it somewhere in the deep whole that is Tumbrl. Yeah.

That gif of Natsu though...
                              I don't ship myself with him but I really really REALLY wanna hug him.
When  I first saw the cover I thought Natsu had chickenpox XD
The difference between Natsu and END: EMD can read and actually enjoys it😶
Aww, the story is adorable so far 😄 AND I AM SOOOO IN LOVE WITH THE COVER I think I spent a good 7-10 minutes admire it
Love it already.
                              And I have to agree with him about Fairy Tail being kinda.... cheesy. I'm sorry, my favorite anime! It's true! DX
Hahahaha! This me and mg friends. Bribe me with a book so I go!