Cabinmates | Johnlock (teenlock)

Cabinmates | Johnlock (teenlock)

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Going on a school trip into the mountains for a month sounds simple enough. But when John meets his cabin roommate, Sherlock Holmes, a leisurely vacation soon turns into a hectic summer.

[Rated Mature for smut scenes, language, ideologically sensitive material, and alcohol consumption]


Cabinmates now has a sequel called Exmates! Be sure to check it out after reading this~

confused_trash confused_trash Dec 26, 2016
okay so this is it atm 
                              red- math
                              orange- english
                              yellow- spanish 
                              green- science 
                              blue- history/government
                              purple is another and black is misc.
attention everyone the kingsman sword pistol umbrella ex-machina has arrived
Muhlacken Muhlacken Feb 10
As soon as he get out of that door the Sherlock fandom will get its free play
Muhlacken Muhlacken Feb 10
Now I'm thinking bout that meme with the boy singing "all around me are familiar faces"
Sleu03 Sleu03 Feb 11
I waited all fuckin day to read this bc of my family and now I just can't wait
Sleu03 Sleu03 Feb 11
                              NOPETY NOpE