Why Me?

Why Me?

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Kaylynn By TheSilentWriter23 Updated Oct 10, 2016

Bailey Carter is one girl you don't want to mess with. With a father that was murdered, a mother dead from breast cancer, and a brother who died on a tour to Afghanistan, Bailey knows how low you can really go. 

But moving to a small town in Wyoming, with her abusive step-dad Drake and a little boy named Ollie, isn't what it's cracked up to be when a young, local officer catches her eye. 

While trying to hide her home life from the people of this small town and provide a sensible life for Ollie, Bailey learns that not everyone is as they seem. That everyone has their dark past. 

While she has no intentions of sharing hers, she learns quite a bit about the town she's in. And how much they've actually suffered. 

In this novel, the trials of self-acceptance and self-worth are vital in Bailey's ability to move forward. And the only way to do that is to be able to answer this question she's been asking all along.

"Why Me?"

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XDannieXD XDannieXD Jun 08, 2016
I feel like there are some really cheap foods that u can buy that are a little more nutritious than lucky charms😂
angels_rey angels_rey Jul 15, 2015
Yay can't wait for the next few chapter to come out!  please update again soon! :)
haya1978 haya1978 Apr 05, 2015
I m loving the story and I m going to vote on every chapter. .. :)
                              thankyou for a lovely story. .. !
DatYoungness DatYoungness Jun 30, 2014
Ollie is the cutest thing ever c': Also, why do you torture us with cliffhangers like that? xD Great story, and I kind of want to throw a potato at Drake. ;c
avanescence avanescence Jan 02, 2014
Oooo. Interesting. At first I was confused. Lol. Then I realized she was beaten. Drake is probably her step dad or something like that right? c: Seems good. I shall continue unto the next chapterrrss! cx
silverbanneret silverbanneret Dec 18, 2013
Oh lol, I can't help but notice the last statement "Drake is awake."
                              it rhymes :B
                              great job though! :)) It's really a nice story! Imma read the other chappies tomorrooooow! :D