Truly [Breaking Dawn Fan-Fiction] [4]

Truly [Breaking Dawn Fan-Fiction] [4]

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"And as I bound myself to you, I know within my heart I will always be yours truly."

"You're just gone. Like that. You made me fall for you. I love you Jade, and you just used us. And you leave like it's nothing. I can't see any regret in your eyes." He said. I must be a great actor cause all I felt were tears wanting to crash over. 

"That's cause I don't feel any regret. Bye Emmett." I retorted instantly, and slammed open the window not looking back. If I did I would never leave. I felt the burning hole in my chest that slammed like the time he had left me before. Though Emmett vowed he would return. I simply slashed his dreams, and abandoned him. I was a monster. But I loved him so much I would take this title to protect his soul. 

Jade's whole life seems to be taking a flopping turn for the worse. The good and bad mixed with the very horrific is always what made Jade's life stand out. As she finds her way to a happy ending, will Jade ever be able to just settle down with Emmett? Or will he drama of immortality come at a high cost?

I do not own the Twilight series, all credit goes to Stephenie Meyer the author of the series.  However I do own Jade Peters, and all dialogue created by her, and all commentary and thoughts the character provides, along with any other characters not related to the original version.
This story is based off both the book, and movie. Sentence, and scenes are used from the original.  I do not own anything related to the original work by Stephenie Meyer they are used for the sole purpose of understanding the close role Jade plays in the family,Jade is an added addition, meant to enhance the story.


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