(Sans x Reader) Insidious

(Sans x Reader) Insidious

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Teri-5 By FateOfDeath666 Updated Jun 30

"You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep. If you do, there will be consequences... and the pain would only pay back ten-fold."

Okay, an Undertale fanfic. A Sans x Reader fanfic to be exact. Hopefully, I'll finish this one. I probably would, though.

Update: Every 2-4 weeks. 4 weeks only happen if I'm busy.
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So sans is more than 100 yrs old? Wait nevermind I'm an idiot ignore this comment.
TheRedBoat TheRedBoat 5 hours ago
Woah ... This is reely just the prologue!? You bait I'm hooked!!
                              *Papy and the Puppet screams in the background while Sans and Mike laugh their heads off*
                              (Sorry for the puns! (Or am I?))
DawningFlower DawningFlower Dec 13, 2016
You, my friend, have earned a new follower for your work.
                              Keep it up ^.^
Underfanz Underfanz Nov 11, 2016
*you are inspired 
                              *Keep reading?
                                                         Yes                       No
                              *Keep reading?
                                                       ❤️Yes                       No
wolfy89 wolfy89 Nov 14, 2016
If I giggle because of a story that means its going to be good.
                              Now I dont giggle im not that kind of person. But you my friend got me giggling like a mad man.
AzzAzii AzzAzii Dec 03, 2016
Dat b a cool pic. I can see this has the potential to be good book.