DISCONTINUED(Sans x Reader) Insidious

DISCONTINUED(Sans x Reader) Insidious

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Teri-5 By FateOfDeath666 Updated Jun 30, 2017

"You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep. If you do, there will be consequences... and the pain would only pay back ten-fold."

Okay, an Undertale fanfic. A Sans x Reader fanfic to be exact. Hopefully, I'll finish this one. I probably would, though.

Update: Every 2-4 weeks. 4 weeks only happen if I'm busy.
{Disclaimer: All characters don't belong to me; they belong to their respective owners}

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_itseva _itseva Apr 02, 2017
So sans is more than 100 yrs old? Wait nevermind I'm an idiot ignore this comment.
TheRedBoat TheRedBoat Sep 25, 2017
Woah ... This is reely just the prologue!? You bait I'm hooked!!
                              *Papy and the Puppet screams in the background while Sans and Mike laugh their heads off*
                              (Sorry for the puns! (Or am I?))
DawningFlower DawningFlower Dec 13, 2016
You, my friend, have earned a new follower for your work.
                              Keep it up ^.^
Underfanz Underfanz Nov 11, 2016
*you are inspired 
                              *Keep reading?
                                                         Yes                       No
                              *Keep reading?
                                                       ❤️Yes                       No
wolfy89 wolfy89 Nov 14, 2016
If I giggle because of a story that means its going to be good.
                              Now I dont giggle im not that kind of person. But you my friend got me giggling like a mad man.
AzzAzii AzzAzii Dec 03, 2016
Dat b a cool pic. I can see this has the potential to be good book.