(Sans x Reader) Insidious

(Sans x Reader) Insidious

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Edgy Mc My Chemical Romance By FateOfDeath666 Updated Jan 04

"You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep. If you do, there will be consequences... and the pain would only pay back ten-fold."

Okay, an Undertale fanfic. A Sans x Reader fanfic to be exact. Hopefully, I'll finish this one. I probably would, though.

Update: Every 2-4 weeks. 4 weeks only happen if I'm busy.
{Disclaimer: All characters don't belong to me; they belong to their respective owners}

DawningFlower DawningFlower Dec 13, 2016
You, my friend, have earned a new follower for your work.
                              Keep it up ^.^
Underfanz Underfanz Nov 11, 2016
*you are inspired 
                              *Keep reading?
                                                         Yes                       No
                              *Keep reading?
                                                       ❤️Yes                       No
NTGGamez NTGGamez Jul 19, 2016
Damn. Good grammer, no typos, AND it's not just one chapter that everyone's waiting for the author to add on to? You, my friend, have a new follower, for good grammar is pretty rare these days. Good job.
Sensational_dream Sensational_dream Sep 25, 2016
I read dis so I can escape from my cousin who is reading  Bill Cipher fanfic
                              It hurts
MissGalaxique MissGalaxique Sep 05, 2016
You know how to make something interesting, and this is just the prologue, now I'm hyped to read the rest!
wolfy89 wolfy89 Nov 14, 2016
If I giggle because of a story that means its going to be good.
                              Now I dont giggle im not that kind of person. But you my friend got me giggling like a mad man.