the set-up || miraculous ladybug

the set-up || miraculous ladybug

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[miraculous ladybug contest entry of 2016]

Alya and Nino high-five, looking on with smug grins at their finished product.

They would all thank them later.


[I do not own any of the characters, simply the plot line of this fic.]

{Updated: 1st Place Winner of the Miraculous Ladybug April 2016 Contest}

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Am I the only one who thought of dear Evan Hansen when I read that?
                              IT WORKED
                              ALYA NINO THIS IS WHAT TEAMWORK IS ABOUT
                              I AM DO PROUD OF YOU TWO GENIUSES
GODS DAM MAN!IM SO HAPPY THEY ARENT DENSE LIKR A FEW PPL I COULD NAME *looks accusingly at Adrien and Marinette*
FiveYenForOtakus FiveYenForOtakus Dec 29, 2017
Honestly if this was canon then I think Marinette would be team Iron Man because she has always abided by the rules and Adrien would be team Caption cause he always follows his heart
                              just thinking
id like, just take it
                              and think that the cashier haves a crush on me so he'll pay for this