Super Danganronpa Trigger [Various x Reader]

Super Danganronpa Trigger [Various x Reader]

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Ryn By PokerJax Updated Dec 01, 2017

⇢different kinds of AUs. fluff, angst, soulmate etc.
⇢requests are permanently unavailable.
⇢casts from trigger happy havoc (1), goodbye despair (2), killing harmony (V3) and the end of hope's peak academy (3).


"believe in yourself. if you don't do that, it doesn't matter how many talents you have, you still won't be able to hold your head high,"
-chiaki nanami, danganronpa 2: goodbye despair.

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Plit-plat Plit-plat Jun 14
Um Ryoma Hoshi x male cyborg reader (the reader lost their arms in a car crash and had them replaced with robotic arms like kiibo's) fluff pls
MusicStar03 MusicStar03 May 08
*reads comments* Wow... XD   The "I Will Always Love You" song... XD   But it's still sad... T^T   (Who wonders what happened if they woke up??? :3)
MusicStar03 MusicStar03 May 08
Hmmm... I'll go with... Ultimate Shipper/Matchmaker... X3   (*insert Komaeda* NOW WE HAVE KomaHina!!!~ 
                              *insert Nanami* NOW WE HAVE HinaNami!!!~
                              Or if you put those two shippings together... KomaHinaNami!!!~ And yes... That is indeed possible... :3)
MusicStar03 MusicStar03 May 08
Le Deep Fried Teruteru... Best served with Mondo butter... XD (Now I'm just being too cruel... >:3)
MusicStar03 MusicStar03 May 08
... Hmmm... Wait... What?!?? Now, how did I kill?!?? (Maybe Akane, because she ate my cream puffs... T^T   NO ONE GETS IN THE WAY OF ME AND MY SWEETS!!! XP)
I have 3 talent ideas for ocs:
                              Ultimate Contortionist
                              Ultimate Graffiti Artist
                              and Ultimate Skateboarder
                              Now I'm trying to decide which one to use for this story xD