dorky haikyuu!! ➳ headcanons

dorky haikyuu!! ➳ headcanons

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a book dedicated to our wonderful volleyball dorks :)

pm me if you have a headcanon you would like me to submit!

• disclaimer: I do not own haikyuu or its characters.

(Slight shipping, don't like = don't read)

WallflowerSunflower WallflowerSunflower Apr 30, 2016
Some nights he probably even sleeps with it bc he wants to be young and with his brother again )):
i37IWS i37IWS Jan 10
Kenma naming his Litten Kuroo.
                              Akaashi naming his Rowlett Bokuto.
                              Iwaizumi naming his Popillo Oikawa.
i37IWS i37IWS Jan 10
Yamaguchi went into his closet for something and saw it.
                              Excuse me while I just—