Falling For a Jerk // Travlyn

Falling For a Jerk // Travlyn

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[I'll give credits to @GalaxyMilkshake for the cover even though she wasn't the one who made it. :P She just deserves it cause she's the one who taught me on how to make it anyways (go check out her covers though!!)]

"I can't believe it, but, I think I'm slowly falling in love with this so called jerk named Travis."

One faithful day, Katelyn received a call from Aphmau asking her if she'd like to move with her in a nice town called MyStreet. Of course, Katelyn accepts her offer because she was starting to get sick of the city life and also because she wanted to just relax a bit. 

At her new neighborhood, Katelyn meets a guy named Travis who lived right across the street from them. Katelyn becomes his friend and learns that he's sometimes quite a jerk. But unexpectedly, Katelyn starts to realize he's not just a jerk. 

She also starts to realize she's falling for that jerk.

I need some travlyn because of what's happening in the Roleplay right now. 😿
I like how you said darn all you peasants at the description of the story, my friend says that all the time😄