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Ashley By nutella_ismyfriend Updated Jan 08

In a time after a terrible plague came an era of peace and harmony among the six thousand, five hundred and forty three survivors. 
Sixty five years later there were still six thousand, five hundred and forty three survivors, who resided in a town called Mount Wescott, jagged peaks and forests surrounding it in every which direction. As soon as someone was born, one way or another, somebody else died.  It happened each time like clockwork, the population never increasing or decreasing. The people were oblivious to what lay outside their safe haven, in fact, they believed that they were the only people left on earth, that is, until the day when all hell broke loose.


Are you intrigued? Go on, read it, I dare you.

Incredible cover made by @ilovepizaaaa.

Highest ranking: #8 in science fiction

LeaWhites LeaWhites Dec 11, 2016
just a quick question though, is the main character a BOY OR A GIRL
                              I SWEAR IM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW
colorfulmacron colorfulmacron Nov 10, 2016
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Ti3g3r Ti3g3r Dec 28, 2016
This is reminding me of one of my friends life motto which I have taken to heart, "if you can't solve your problem with fire, your not using enough fire"
lexi__yost lexi__yost Jan 10
It said I already read it it's not in my library but I've already liked all the chapters
EiraFae EiraFae Nov 22, 2016
aww :( i love moths idk why everyone hates them theyre cute lil fuzzy butterfly friends who like lights n nighttime :(
EiraFae EiraFae Nov 22, 2016
*sees a girl and a guy in the same room* OMG THEYRE SOULMATES