Harry Potter One Shots

Harry Potter One Shots

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holland By thewildhearted Updated Aug 21

Harry Potter is obviously life. And I've read so many of these I figured, why not?

So, I will be doing:
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy
Albus Potter
James Potter
George Weasley
Fred Weasley
Scorpius Malfoy
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Tom Riddle
Newt Scamander
Queenie Goldstein

I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. Or you.

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Isn't that what the Originals say to another to let another know they are going to be with them? (From the Vampire Diaries)
I'm just imagining them in their 1st year saying that (ik they're not but it's hella funny)
Lunela7116 Lunela7116 Aug 11
Imma go to a corner and crie
                              I sollemnly swear i will love Harry Potter forever and always
amoreity amoreity Apr 10
Why am I crying??!!! This was so good!! @Serphentine- @--stella-- @Whimsy_Witch READ THIS!!!!!!
🎵I'm addicted to you, hooked on your love like a powerful drug. Can't get enough of. Lost in your eyes, drowning in blue, out of control. Don't know what to do. I'm addicted to you.🎵 Avicci.
Well that was a rant. Well sorry buddy but I love newt scamander more then you.
                              Harry: he's like seventy now
                              Me: I can still dream!