Watching Miraculous Ladybug

Watching Miraculous Ladybug

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Princess Leanne Lettizia Euphanic By PrincessLeanneZia18 Updated Apr 06

What happens if Marinette and Adrien's future children came across the past to let them reveal their secret identities to each other by watching their very own movie episode... Miraculous Ladybug.

Louis Dupein-Cheng Agreste
Emma Dupein-Cheng Agreste
Hugo Dupein-Cheng Agreste

The three of them went time travel to the past life of their parents and all pretended to be their new classmates which appears to be kidnapping them and their classmates just to see who's behind the mask of the two superheroes of Paris.

At least his headphone is only gone for a minute mines already broken the first one after 2 months and then the other one didn't even last a week
It seems like every fanfic I read starts off with "Marinette, you're going to be late for school". Not that it's a bad thing, but I just find it funny. Like, geez Marinette. You're known for being late now.
This reminds me when Cat Noir told her that if she saw him without the suit she wouldn't be able to resist him and she said that she doubted it, and I was like " If only you knew you wouldn't say this", but she was obviously wrong and this can prove it.
gibzy_23 gibzy_23 Jul 29
Did I skip a world geography class bc I'm pretty sure Paris is not a country
"Graceful, beautiful, and amazing superhero", girl with or without the mask you have the SAME face.