Ice Cold Boss [Gruvia Fanfiction]

Ice Cold Boss [Gruvia Fanfiction]

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Satsuki By satsuki-sama Completed

Juvia Lockser works in Fairy Hotel under her Boss Gray Fullbuster.
As clumsy as she is, Juvia always gets scolded by her boss.
Until one day, Juvia expects another reprimanding from Gray, but instead he asked her to go out with him.
Juvia plans to turn him down after consulting her friends.
She is still waiting for a certain man for 8 years now.
But her decision changed when that man came back.
She decided to go out with Gray, her Ice Cold Boss.

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail is not mine, it belongs to Hiro Mashima

Started: April 4, 2016
End: April 8, 2016

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- - Jul 12, 2017
Actually I would have listened to him and walked on stairs, coz I love walking xD
Ohh shizz hecks yeah have both ice wizards fight for juvias love
LpsBayleeStories LpsBayleeStories Sep 27, 2017
Lol Gray...TBH that is something I would do. I never admit I have a crush...EVER
RiciaIsWeirdXOX RiciaIsWeirdXOX Aug 08, 2017
If I'm Juvia and I'm drinking my coffee
                              "You forgot the letter U in congratulations Ms. Lockser"
                              Me: *spits drink* WAT!? SERIOUSLY!? *checks it and there's none* THERE IS NOTHING MR. FULLBUSTER!
GalaxyWolf2882 GalaxyWolf2882 Sep 08, 2017
Lyon a star ⭐ when I get a boyfriend and that's never so umm why is he a star still
fairytail75200 fairytail75200 Dec 25, 2017
Is it bad I already. Have an enemy and I wanna pinch them but it’s not school till January