Misunderstood Feelings(soarindash)

Misunderstood Feelings(soarindash)

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ⓡⓜ By Namjn_ackrmn Updated May 25

"Dash" ..... he calls me "yes?" I  answered him...... 
I looked at him curiously "your eyes... are you crying?" I asked him chuckling but yes my chuckle did stop becoz his tears are freely falling down on his cheeks
"Hey are you ok?.... soarin!" I shaked him
I was afraid what will happen
But then he just got a hold of me and ................

So probably another soarindash story.....
The story is that rainbow met soarin in hollywood becoz of her father's job 
And then she knew that soarin was living for awhile in her house and they became friends
And there and there.... you'll probably know it soon

||i'm going to edit the book when i'm done with this||

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