Never Ever ➶ Peter Pan

Never Ever ➶ Peter Pan

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His voice is cool, but cannot belie the savagery in his eyes. "You," he states, "Lydia Martin, are going nowhere unless I give you my permission."

"You can't keep me here against my will," she tries to argue, but she knows how feeble it sounds. Things like women's lib and gender equality and, you know, not kidnapping people, don't exist in his world. 

[A Once Upon a Time and Teen Wolf crossover. While it technically falls under the umbrella of fanfiction, no prior knowledge of either is needed to read this story. Prompt credit to @colinmorgans, all writing herein is mine.]

ParkSatanji ParkSatanji Jun 06
Just a random gif of alexander snapping a kids neck. No biggies. Normal day here.
I'm so hooked already. *Applauses 
                              Good job, author that I don't know the name of, good job.
I love it so far! Can't wait to read more. You're a brilliant author.
St-top re-e-emindi-ing m-me of Seas-s-son O-one-e-e!  (*Cries for Jeremy.*)
I'm excited! Maybe I'll read this before Willa's story... Or should I read that first? I'm confused....
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i'm so flappin hyped for this
                              thanks to marsbar for directing me heree