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Eddsworld X Reader: Oneshots {Request: Closed}

Eddsworld X Reader: Oneshots {Request: Closed}

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=__X By PaulIsNotHereWithMe Updated Apr 20

If you're under 6 years old, don't give a fuck. It's just smut m80. Welcome 2 the cringeworthy book of all, Eddsworld LEMONZ. Yes, Harambe is included for this shot, don't care. A lot of Dank Memes and shit are in this, especially triggered warnings, I don't fucking care if you read this, your brain cells can't get enough of this shit exactly.

Hey! Have your parents say to don't go too far with the Internet? FUCK THAT! YOU'RE HERE BECAUSE OF SHIT!!1!1! DID I FUCKING SAID THAT HARAMBE IS IN THIS SHIET?!?! Anyways, have fun being fucked in the ass in a fan-fucking-fiction. If you cry, I still don't fucking care. Did I said Harambe is included in this shit again?!

AyiAyi2 AyiAyi2 Jun 16
when the guys heard it
                              TOM:*blush* i-is that edd and Y/N d-doing the t-thing...?
                              TURD i mean TORD: yes yes it is~and i like the sounds..of moans 
                              MATT:(meh i dont know what he will say so...)im so handsome~~
_ReTARDIS _ReTARDIS 6 days ago
                              *POLICE SIRENS*
                              *HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING*
                              [GAVIN SCREAMING]
Tordorito Tordorito Mar 27
I've read better sex scenes written by fan girls than in 50 shades of grey. 50 shades of grey is overrated, man.
Instead of wiener you could've said "member" (most authors who write lemons say member)
You sound like me when I'm writing a lemon.
                              It's just like:
                              'panties' OH GOD-
                              'moans' *aSEXUAL SCREAMING*
I'm going to cut the cake. 
                              With my hands. 
                              That have cum on them. 
                              Tom, Edd, and Matt are going to have cum on their cake.