[The Tempus]

[The Tempus]

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Mother Of Tyler By JoseTheKraken Completed

"TIME is complicated. YOU, my friend, are not."

The year is 2035. NASA is progressing well, as well as normal, everyday technology. Yet, people still cease to believe that the human race can achieve the impossible.

JASON PROBST is a man rejected by his colleagues. They don't believe it's possible to travel through time. To change things that shouldn't have happened.

Jason has a plan. He has created a device used to travel through time, called the TEMPUS. He plans to go back in time and stop a string of strange, unexplained killings in summer of 2016. But his plans change when he unexpectedly runs into an intern.

TYLER CHRISTIE insists that Jason let him tag along, since his mother was killed in that same summer. Jason reluctantly agrees, but he warns Tyler not to tell anyone about the Tempus. All seems well, and the two start to plan their expedition.

But Jason forgot one simple thing. One small design flaw.

What happens to the Tempus when it takes two people?


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CiciTheNeko CiciTheNeko Jun 07, 2017
I've always wanted to get something galaxy themed, but apparently my mom says they are too expensive, and I'm rough on my clothes (im 14 btw) I mean she's not wrong about the rough on clotes thing, but I don't think galaxy items are THAT exspencive! Besides, who said I wanted a clothing item?
HappyRussianGoat9797 HappyRussianGoat9797 Jun 09, 2016
I didn't see the shirt after white dress and I was completely confused lel
softoak softoak Nov 08, 2016
                              BE MY MIRROR, MY SWORD, MY SHIELD,
                              MY MISSIONARIES IN A FOREIGN FIELD
                              FOR SOME REASON I CAN'T EXPLAIN
                              I KNOW ST. PETER WON'T CALL MY NAME
                              NEVER AN HONEST WORD
                              BUT THAT WAS WHEN I RULED THE WORLD
                              (i know this song by heart)
- - May 18, 2016
Yay i get to one of your other books, ive been busy but paranormal investigation was awesome! I spent time in study hall reading it instead of doing math (- u •)
EfoxKitty EfoxKitty May 15, 2016
Idk why, but the murdering in 2016 reminds me of that other book with murdering you wrote
                              Unless I am confused again...
- - Sep 27, 2016
Mine is
                              "Oh my cookies and cream with sprinkles and fanfic on top!"