Your Daughter Calls Me Daddy Too {Clexa AU}

Your Daughter Calls Me Daddy Too {Clexa AU}

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Allison Ezell By Dream___Wolf Updated Nov 18, 2017

A Fine Stud! Lexa Fanfiction. Girl x Girl. Clexa. Clarke x Lexa.

Lexa is a rich business woman. She works hard at her job, which means overtime, sometimes night shift. She does her best to stay fit and healthy, and dresses in blazers and dress pants most of the time, with her high heels of course, but when she lounges she has on expensive casual wear. Not to mention she has trouble finding a girl for her. They all want her for her money. Until one day while at her best friend, Anya's, Art Gallery Showing where she meets a beautiful blond. Will her deepest past secrets get between her and the girl?

Clarke is the laid back type who sometimes forgets to shower because she is to busy with her art, but she cleans up well. She lives off of hot pockets and fast food, and hates exercise, but eventually gets around to it. During nights she goes out and parties with her friends, Octavia and Raven, and tends to go home with random guys and girls from time to time. Her life of partying changes when Octavia gets a good word in with Anya, who is Octavia's boss, about Clarke's art. When she is invited to an Art Showing after sending in some of her art, she meets a wonderful girl. Will her party life ruin it for them both?

(Mature Content, Smut, Profanity, Drug usage, Graphic Content)

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CleaUndiscovered CleaUndiscovered Dec 10, 2017
Damn...  this was  smooth, I don’t know why my mind went all: *Bank manager* uhm... sorry miss *to the beautiful blue eyed artist I met* your  ID says different
ClexualVibes ClexualVibes Jul 14, 2016
The one thing that convinced me to read this story was the sentence: "Clarke who sometimes forgets to shower" 😂😂😂😂
Nocturnal_Wordsmith Nocturnal_Wordsmith Jul 09, 2016
Yes. Go crazy with your writing. It's your mind. Let it flow. And yup Clarke and her greens. . . . She's so obsessed with the color (for obvious reasons) anyway.
Roguealien Roguealien Aug 19, 2016
I literally laughed when I saw the Title and when I read the sentence 'Clarke who sometimes forgets to shower" 😂👏 Lol. Love this ❤😂
mirfafi mirfafi Jul 21
where there’s a great author with great ideas, there’s an even greater book.😘😘
                              "hOw AbOuT fOuRtEeN tHoUsAnD?" is a question