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The Boxer and the Badboy

The Boxer and the Badboy

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paradise_waters By paradise_waters Updated Jun 13

•"Please welcome our one, our only, Beast!" They announcer yells, welcoming me in. The entire place rumbles with the chat of my name...well my fight name, that is.


Delilah Woods has always had it hard on herself, beginning with family problems, and ending with past issues. Of course she has to hide at school with the nerd disguise and such, but she's not your average nerd. She might be quiet, but I promise you if you piss her off, her inner 'Beast' will be let loose.


Ryder O'mire, your typical bad boy, and neighbor to Delilah Woods.  He's Hot, cocky, and screams player. Never cared for anyone's feelings but his.


The Ring, the number one street fighting place in Los Angeles, and where Ryder sees De fighting but being the clueless person he is, doesn't know who she is. He knows that he's seen her but where? And how?


Okay so since this is my first book and I really only am doing this for fun. PLEASE NO HATE ON THIS BOOK IT IS MY FIRST. Also the beginning of this book is awful but I promise that my writing skills progress through

WARNING: updates are random, could be a day, could be a month. It just depends on my schedule or if I'm willing to do it XD

"Maybe if she keeps rolling her eyes she might find her brain back there" that's one of my favorite roast to do when people roll their eyes at me
"We used to be best buddies,
                              And now we're not
                              I wish you would tell me why"
                              ~ Frozen
Wow this lady can make sweats and a jumper look like lingerie
How I get through life. Tripping over every step. 😂😂😂