Winter Love  (Chat Noir X Reader)

Winter Love (Chat Noir X Reader)

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Veve the Art Bunny By VeveComa Updated Dec 24, 2016

(Y/F/N) (your full name) is the daughter of the (L/N) (last name) family the richest family on earth. When you move to Paris things change a lot like big mansion (bigger than the last one in Italy), New crushes, super villans, and two other miraculous users. Yes two other miraculous users becuase little miss (Y/N) is a Miraculouse user too. (i'll explain later on in the story!) (I fucking suck at descriptions... XD enjoy)

ItzBaileyEvans ItzBaileyEvans Sep 24, 2016
*looks at picture*!
                              *screenshot, goes to photoshop edits and make the hair blonde and wears a pink shirt with black jacket and leggings*  perfect..
solitarewolf solitarewolf 5 days ago
Keep the eyes and im fine with the dress but change the hair to white and wala! Me!
Double_B_Fujoshi Double_B_Fujoshi Dec 29, 2016
*does backflip, spins in a circle and lands with a leg in the air* OLÉ~! *claps and bows*
NathalyDragneel NathalyDragneel 3 days ago
Yes I am Nathaly Dragneel Daughter of THE Zeref Dragneel and Mavis Vermillion we Are Powerfull and Will defeat This lousy place *Drops the mic and glasses fall*
MelonyNguyen MelonyNguyen Dec 25, 2016
Yes I come from the Magic family since we're magical we make out own money XD Melony Nguyen Magic
Chiko_Riggs Chiko_Riggs Nov 28, 2016
I. Hate. Attention....i avoid it like the plague.....(¬-¬l