Winter Love  (Chat Noir X Reader) (Rewriteing Chapters)

Winter Love (Chat Noir X Reader) (Rewriteing Chapters)

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(Y/F/N) (your full name) is the daughter of the (L/N) (last name) family the richest family on earth. When you move to Paris things change a lot like big mansion (bigger than the last one in Italy), New crushes, super villans, and two other miraculous users. Yes two other miraculous users becuase little miss (Y/N) is a Miraculouse user too. (i'll explain later on in the story!) (I fucking suck at descriptions... XD enjoy)

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Ive never watched black butler but some of my friends do and they've recommended it
So I'm changing it to a white tee with a ying and yang on it.
Arigeko Arigeko Nov 11
Yeah.. but my character despises dresses and would never wear them so.. yeah, I'm creative though so I'll fix it up!
Skin color Brown eye color Brown hair color black and then is it good
Lighten the hair and add thick black glasses and thats exactly like me
Make the hair Darker (to Dark Chocolate Brown) and her eyes are RED