Angel Sent By The Almighty

Angel Sent By The Almighty

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Masira Syed By learning_muslimah Updated Aug 12

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem 

"She prayed happiness for her husband,
Wherever and Whoever he was.
Somewhere,a heart broken man 
elated playing football with poor kids.

That's how a prayer worked for another and the witnessing angels, once again fell in love with their Creator."

He was broken, she was lively 

He pretended to be happy , she never knew to pretend 

He failed in love, she never knew what love means 

She thought him as childhood mate , He didn't even gave her a thought 

He hated people , she wondered why

He closed doors to his heart but little did he knew Allah is the changer of hearts 

A story of Zaman Khan and Zoya Hamza Khan 

"If Allah has destined something for you , 

Never in a million years , it will be for somebody else "

warisha3 warisha3 Apr 18
Beautifully written ... but what happend to my zaman 😢 he was so cute and now. .. !! U made him this .. I hate u 😭😭
ilovuAllah ilovuAllah Aug 05
May Almighty Allah grant them highest ranks of Jannah!
                              Aameen Aameen Yaa Rabbal Aalameen!
ilovuAllah ilovuAllah Aug 05
This is the first time I'm crossing sucha beautiful dedication! May Almighty Allah accept all your deeds!
Muslimah350 Muslimah350 Apr 19
Zaman seems to b interesting. And I love pretenders and their past stories. Please update!!
                              Mas! Can u hear me? *speaks over a micro phone.* good that u can. :)
taqiali6 taqiali6 Jul 03
mashaallah.... nyc chapter.... its going to be a nyc story...... dooo update soon.... habibti
jia492 jia492 Aug 05
Am soooo excited ....luking 4wrd eagerly.... Concept s amazing