The Bad boy And The Street fighter

The Bad boy And The Street fighter

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Lazy Beach By That_One_Chic_101 Updated May 26, 2017

It was a regular Monday night and as soon as I got to the "Place" my name was being chanted like crazy 
"Viper" "Viper" "Viper"!!   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I smirked and got on the stage and I could feel a piercing glare on the back of my head but chose to ignore it when my opponent got there he was a bulky man.    

When the bell rung he charged towards me and I just did a swift side kick to his face as I moved away and he fell on his back groaning but as I looked back he grabbed me by my ankle and pulled me down he tried to punch me but I move and hit his "family jewels" and he fell so I came and straddled and punched him over and over until he tapped out.

I smirked and moved off of him and collected my money when someone grabbed my and pinned me against the wall and I looked up and caught site of Caleb Black looking at me in admiration and soon spoke "I didn't know a nerd could fight"

 Spelling mistakes will be made and don't say I didn't warn you but I did!!!!

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