Return (Sequel)

Return (Sequel)

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Sequel to Cheater!Ticci Toby x Reader.

This image cover picture is not mine. It belongs to @Askme-Ticci-Toby on Tumblr


Oh what the hell Jason, now people are gonna think I'm a murderer. 😑
TO IRELAND WITH JACK BYE * uses magic and teleports next to Jack * Save me
Imma crawl up in a hole and die if my bf don't find meh first
I'm gonna go with his goggles or his face mask thingy not him or his axe cause think of this, how can him or his axe fit in the box if it was small
icey333 icey333 7 days ago
Poor girl she got waxed then been thrown away PFFFFHAHHAHAHAHAH
icey333 icey333 7 days ago
*packs my things and even put my boyfriend in my bag* i'm out bitch 😬🖕 *fly to Japan*