Pull The Trigger (Soul Eater Boys x Reader)

Pull The Trigger (Soul Eater Boys x Reader)

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JenniJennJennJenners By GirlGoneTwisted Updated Jul 12

Soul Eater was your favorite Anime. You had many drawings in your room and almost the whole manga series.

Until that once night that you had finally proven your love for this show. You had always doubted life and have thought about committing suicide. You thought if you died, nobody would care...

Your TV buzzed and glowed like crazy! And just like that *Snap* You were in the World of Soul Eater

You're a new Meister at the DWMA. You had been on the run from your Witch captor with your Weapon, Jennicah. They locked you two away, for 8 years, until you both escaped.

You are now a 13 year-old Meister at the DWMA with your partner Jennicah. Which she has many forms, but her voice taken by a Witch.

You eventually make many friends, but 3 certain boys perk your interest. And they're at war to win your heart.

Who will you choose?

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😆  Wow. Not thinking of any other consequences, just being like, "Wait, no life no soul eater. Now, what am I supposed to do?"
Female_Eren Female_Eren Mar 26
                              kid: *KICKS DOOR DOWN* I HEARD DAMN SYMMETRY!!
                              Me: YAS BISH YOU DID
I say that to my sell to why cant I be in anime they always no matter what end up happy
I dont have any netflix account and its too expensive for me since i have no money thats why i watch in KISSANIME!!  FOR FREE MWAHAHA IYS PIRATE but i dont have a choice 😔
                              *Kills self* 
                              *Ends up in hell*
                              “Well FÜCK”
                              HELLO TO ALL ARMY THAT IS READING DIS SHET!!!