Dirty Little Secrets {Completed}

Dirty Little Secrets {Completed}

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Kyra Blackthorn By ChasingMadness24 Completed

"Are you trying to blackmail me?" Cole snarled, slamming my locker shut so I had to face him.
"Maybe." I replied. 
"You better think again, Harper. Because I know your dirty little secret." I gave him an innocent look.
"What do you mean?" I asked. He stepped closer to me and slammed his hands against the lockers, trapping me.
"Just remember that some secrets are better left untold." 


Mitchie Harper is a sarcastic, rude, and cold Junior. Against her wishes she is somehow labeled as one of the popular girls at school,  even though she only has one real friend. What no one knows is that there is a whole past hidden behind her cold shell 

Nicholas "Cole"  Fox Is a bad boy. He's been expelled a number of times for fighting,  smokes anything on campus,  and sleeps with every girl that shows even a little interest in him.  He and Mitchie have know each other since they were kids,  but haven't spoken since grade school.

Until Mitchie runs into him in the hallway and causes them to both drop their books and notes. Trying to move as quickly as possible, Mitchie accidentally grabs his notes instead of her own 

 In these notes, she finds out something about Cole. Something that no one would ever expect, and he would never want them to know.

He is the author of the schools really popular Relationship advice column The Lover

Cover By: TheWorldWasQuiet

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Dirty little secret ❤️who doesn't love All American Rejects??
theheadphonegirl theheadphonegirl Dec 07, 2016
No, there is a difference between constructive criticism and just being rude whoever wrote that was just be rufe
passinglife passinglife Jun 02, 2016
It's so eccentric...In a good way.It makes your book stand out when your scrolling through the lists...Love it
Natasha_EST19xx Natasha_EST19xx Apr 04, 2016
It seems amazing and I can't wait!!! Love love love love the cover.