falling for you // d.h. + p.l.

falling for you // d.h. + p.l.

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georgia™ By luminaryhowell Updated Jul 22

Dan Howell is dead. Well, sort of. He's a guardian angel, forced to protect only one human, and that human is Cat. But when he accompanies Cat to school, he can't help but be intrigued by the broken boy with the black hair who sits by the window in class and disappears at lunch times. 

Dan realises this boy needs more protection than Cat will ever need, so he takes on human form to save him. But soon he finds himself falling in love, which is something he definitely can't do.

Dan Howell is an angel, and he's falling for Phil.

synthesise synthesise 3 days ago
i really wanna reach out to bullies like this because nobody is really born with the intention to be this cruel, what the hell has dan been going through ))): ???
Been awhile since I've read one of these!! It's usually happy go lucky high school AUs but I'm ready !!
SappyWillow SappyWillow 3 days ago
Omg I feel bad, I'm reading this whole watching all the danandphilgames impossible games and I'm laughing at all the wrong points in this book
trashbean1 trashbean1 6 days ago
this is gr8 and DAN  CAN I HAVE  DEATH TOO WOOP.....help........................
EmliysNotALive EmliysNotALive 6 days ago
Youre gunna make me cry, i cant imagine someone taking their own life. Its painful to put youre perspective in theirs... Honestly, if your struggling or cant find your purpose, talk to someone, please.
DaisyOw0 DaisyOw0 Jun 18
But garunteed if i were a gaurdian angel an i got pissed of id have them stub their toe