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Do I Love You? Cat Noir/Adrien x Female Reader Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction

Do I Love You? Cat Noir/Adrien x Female Reader Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction

35.3K Reads 1K Votes 30 Part Story
I'm insane. By otakume135 Updated Feb 06

*I do NOT own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the characters!! I only own everything about F/N!*
Note: This may be NOTHING like the show. 
F/N= First Name
L/N= Last Name
H/C= Hair Color
H/L= Hair Length 
E/C= Eye Color
F/C= Favorite Color
F/C2= Second Favorite Color
I may not use all of these in the story. Who knows, maybe I'll use more, I'll let you know!

Okay, so F/N just moved to Paris. She came from Lyon, France. You don't have any siblings and you only live with your mom. Your father left your family when you were four. You and your mom moved to Paris because of a job, that being, you have to attend a new school. You meet a lot of people some good and some bad. But what happens when you get your hands on a miraculous? Read more to find out!

Video Games:  OMG Yes!
                              Anime: I LOVE ANIME 
                              Drawing: I'm gonna be a manganese artist one day because I LOVE DRAWING and Anime
Sup3rart Sup3rart Feb 20
He left me when I was three.... I don't hate him... But he's a douche and I don't like him. He was a piece of crap to my mom. And NO ONE hurts my mom.
CappainCake CappainCake Jan 15
ohmylord i read 'thats when i had a double stroke' hElP mY soUl
alexxdotcom alexxdotcom Jan 15
The easiest way to fit a new miraculous into the story is to say it is hidden under the yin yang of the ladybug and black cat miraculous. Simple and logical. A secret miraculous... 😉
alexxdotcom alexxdotcom Jan 15
Drawing, yes. Video games, meh. Anime, I am freaking clueless.