Promises [ Sans x Frisk ] [UNDER EDITING]

Promises [ Sans x Frisk ] [UNDER EDITING]

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_marlowcosmos_ By marlowcosmos Updated Jun 18, 2017

When she was orphaned after an accident she was sent to the hospital immediately. Fear, pain, and loneliness consumed her as she grieved for her parents but it didn't last long when a peculiar occurrence took place...

Tumbling into a new world full of hope and new beginnings...Friendship and Love built her to be happy once again...

"WouLD iT lAST oR wOULD iT eND?" =)


They don't deserve to be called as monsters, they don't deserve to be trapped here. We are the monsters.. Not them..They showed me nothing but kindness. And kindness I'll return. Through my determination. I'll help them.

"I am frisk the human! And nothing stands on my way to hurt my loved ones! Even if it means to risk my life for them to have their perfect happy ending! I would do anything for them! Because I am DETERMINATION!"

A/N: This is my very first story and first attempt to publish a Fransfic so please bear with me if I may have some mistakes in words. You see, english isn't my native language. Also, I just use my phone in typing so its hard for me to keep in track of typing misspelled words. :3


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Why can't my brain just autocorrect like it does for everyone else ;-;
Sayit64 Sayit64 Aug 06, 2016
                              you remind me of someone I know...
                              BUT THATS BESIDES THE POINT!
                              YOU ARE SO MUCH PRETTIER THAN ME!
Rainboy00 Rainboy00 Aug 24, 2016
And Captain Jack Harckness I'm sorry I'm sorry I just like it so much 💕
Rainboy00 Rainboy00 Aug 24, 2016
Amelia Pond I'm sorry I really live Doctor Who its 75.5% of my life
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*takes a deep breath*
                              WHY ARE YOU BUYING CLOTHES AT THE SOUP STORE
TheMiniArtsy TheMiniArtsy Jul 11, 2016
I started reading the sequel and I was like "Crap!" Soi went here and I'm glad cause it made the sequel give more sense. Also Poor frisk, and you felt bad for mine.... D: