Under The Mistletoe - An Austin Mahone Love/Imagine Story

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Melody By BeliebnMahomies Updated 2 years ago
This isn't just your cliché fan fiction. The main character is YOU. Which means YOU place yourself  in every single part of this story. You moved to Texas for only two reasons: your mom's job, and to get away from your overly abusive father. With Austin and Alex to help welcome you to the neighborhood, they both develop a crush on you. No, no. They don't fight over you, or make any commotion about it. They don't even make it a competition. Alex keeps his feelings a secret. But not for long. What happens to Austin? How far is fate be willing to take you?
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This is honestly one of my personal favorite stories!!!!!!!! Keep going!!!! 
Wow now people wont have to ask to,  put their name in!Genius!
Ah, this is awesome!  I've been looking for a fan-fiction book which the main character is me, and this is the one!  Haha <3  I just fell in love with Austin even more... So sweet.  Thank chu so much!!
can you please make a sequel to this story..please.I love it so much:):)
That's not even a title to one of his songs
                                    I'm confused -_-
                                    Is Justin Bieber going to show up?