War Of Hearts

War Of Hearts

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Jace Landon By Male_Witch Updated Mar 16

Lance Chace is a shy, nerdy, outcast freshman at Lake View High. He's on the debate team. He's in glee club. He is also in the academic decathlon. He is bullied by several popular kids. He doesn't fit in any of the cliques that well. Plus, he's gay, but still in the closet.

Jake A. Wulfric is the Captain of the Soccer, Football, Baseball, and Cross Country teams. He is also a sophomore. He's wanted by all the girls and envied by all the guys. He's a straight A student. High school is kind of his kingdom.

What happens when these two have a run in? Jake has never seen this kid before and is suddenly interested. Lance is worried cause he knows who Jake is and doesn't want to be bullied. Neither of them knew it then, but this one miniscule event changed both of their lives... forever.

  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • highschool
  • nerdxjock
  • profanity
  • teen
  • untraditional
LittleDarkDemon LittleDarkDemon Jun 21, 2017
Only thing I thought of when I saw the title:Shadowhunters wedding 1x12
                              I cant help but be wrong in the dark. Cuz Im overncome in this war of hearts.
captainsprinklz captainsprinklz Oct 23, 2017
There's only three seasons to play sport how in the heckity is he playing so many sports for this school I am amezed
theprettylilpsycho theprettylilpsycho May 01, 2017
This is exactly the list of things I have this only I also have dispersion and social anxiety
Dark_Hollow_Soul Dark_Hollow_Soul Apr 23, 2017
Me and my little brother. We look very alike and our family and some people say we could be twins. But we are not. But I want to trick people cuz thatd be funny
Blueninja1905 Blueninja1905 Apr 12, 2017
Ocd, bipolar, schizophrenia, multiple conduct disorders, and people joke about be having ADHD but I don't really know.
did anyone think of Sugar from Glee when they Asperger's Syndrome