M!Reader x Mikasa

M!Reader x Mikasa

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ShmurJack By ShmurJack Updated Jul 22

Sorry about my English. This is my first time writing a story.

(Y/n) - your name
(L/n) - last name
(W) - weapon
(E/c) - eye color
(H/c) - hair color
(C/c) - color of choice


You were just a kid who lived outside the walls. You were about 9 years old since you ran away from home. Your parents were murdered in front of you. Back then you were just a weakling.

After running away from the murderers 
You wanted to turn back to save your parents but You already knew that it was to late to turn back. One day you bumped into a guy with a white lab coat. He quickly kidnapped you and took you into a laboratory to do human experiments.

"LET ME GO!"  you yelled.

He didn't speak. You yelled out screams of pain yet you were just a kid. Days has pasted by. You had bruises from the needles that were poked into you. 

One day the scientist came with another needle. He poked the needle into your neck this time and the next thing you knew you fel...

*Smiles like a yandere or just gives a sinister smile* there.
Pack49 Pack49 Jun 05
Lol technically it's thunder seen as lighting is what you see and thunder is the sound
Taxedo13 Taxedo13 May 27
Mrs. Jaeger, nice to meet you but your legs crushed. How are you talking so calmly?????
W-what is the s-special sauce? Don't tell me it's fabulously fab sauce?
I remember when i was 11 i'm fat and love eating fast food. But now I'm 21 and have abs 💪
If titans were smart enough to wear clothes, humanity would've died out.