Dragon's Rage (Rewrite)

Dragon's Rage (Rewrite)

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JinoriTyshio By JinoriTyshio Updated Nov 07, 2017

Hundreds of years ago, dragons were the main predators and rulers of Earth. They made their empires theirs as the world evolved. Many tried to conquer and fight the dragons, but none have succeeded. That was until the humans were born.

The dragons were battled against the humans for years, but the Dragons would always win. The humans were weak until they created a new power.


Dragons did not care for petty magic until they were faced with it. They died, rotted, burned, etc. The last remaining had to hide in order to continue their survival. Then there was some hope, a new baby dragon was born and named Viper.
Viper was their new generation to conquer the world once more, but the humans have already gotten to her. With her dragon side and human side clashing against one another, will her mind come to rest?

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Zapp-Apple Zapp-Apple Jul 23, 2017
I hate it when people do that. I get asked that or I hear it all the time it public. They need to start adding non binary bathrooms so people dont get asked that.
SparkWest SparkWest Apr 17, 2016
Bosss? Why the hell is that girl with him and mckenzie girl id remember her name
- - Apr 10, 2016
I figured Sonya was the new Kenzie for some reason. I think because the name is nothing like Mckenzie. Good chap.
SparkWest SparkWest Apr 17, 2016
Wth is wrong with viper she cn handle them and beat them in a pulp yet she takes it like wtf especially from seth wth is going on cuz I'm confused