Call, Tyrone!

Call, Tyrone!

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"I Want You To Call On Tyrone.. Call Him!!!" - Erykah Bydu

Have you ever had a BEST friend with benefits before. And you been with that person through thick & thin. Well if you have you can relate. 
      When you tell yourself that you don't want to do this anymore with that person but yet you do it again!?!
My is name Cameron Coleman & right now I'm going through this problem..... With Best friend / Brother Tyrone Davidson.!!

A/n: This is my very first BxB story I'm writing. So please bare with me when it comes to this story.

So please enjoy this up coming story!!

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_TheTrueJi_ !!!

angel32808 angel32808 Nov 16
He can steal your man, he can steal your man, she ain't think he can ,she ain't t think he can
I'm sorry I'm feel old as hell cause when I was in 5th grade I wasn't worried about no boys or girls. Middle school now that's a different story.
I bet this is an intersex story I freaking hate them like let it be to boys dang
GiftedJayy GiftedJayy Jul 20
What you pregnant or something because we know you a intersex 🙄
Why didn't he lock his door or wait till no one was there 😑
-Shim- -Shim- May 28
So the only way to make him happy us to force yourself on him