forgotten love ♚ harry potter vs. draco malfoy

forgotten love ♚ harry potter vs. draco malfoy

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♚ By berryalllen Updated Jun 06, 2016

❝I don't remember us, you have to accept that Harry.❞

❝Please tell me how I'm going to accept that the love of my life has forgotten every single moment we spent together.❞

[order of the phoenix - deathly hallows]

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firebird9 firebird9 Oct 17, 2016
No offense to the author, but Holland Roden is a really overused face claim. It feels overdone and gets confusing
megswrote megswrote May 11, 2016
OMFG this is so perfect, I'm already so in love with this book, great job!!!
-Valeskas -Valeskas Apr 18, 2016
Already full of heartbreak for a character I don't even know all too well yet :'( amazing
thewonderfullibrary thewonderfullibrary Apr 19, 2016
This is amazing! I have a feeling I will be following it to the end.
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Apr 18, 2016
Pillow talk
                              My enemies my allies 
                              Light and dark
                              We'll go slow and mellow 
                              I'm seein' the pain seein' the pleasure 
                              Nobody but you body but me bodies together 
                              I love to hold you close tonight and always, I love to wake up next to you
                              Sorry 😂, got too deep in the song
FandomsUnite123 FandomsUnite123 Apr 17, 2016
Mannnnnnn that was emotional! I loved it and I'm very excited to see what happens next!!!