The Gang Leader's Partner (Completed)

The Gang Leader's Partner (Completed)

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🍓 By Satan__Herself Updated Mar 04

Danny Carter is just a regular 22 year old girl.
She just graduated from collage,has a small apartment,and a nice job.
Her life was boring,but comfortable.
That was until one night she witnessed a murder being committed by one of the biggest gangs of New York.

Even worse,what happens when she meets the gangs gorgeous leader Hunter Black?

"For a big,bad gang leader,you sure do seem intimidated by  a little girl."

"Baby doll,give me one good reason i shouldn't kill you right now?" 

"What if..." She looks up and into his blue eyes "We make a deal."

WARNING: May contain strong language,murder and mature scenes.

  • gắng
  • love
  • mystery
  • romance
  • thriller

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