Daddy's Scars (Yandere! Goku, Raditz, Turles, and Bardock x Child! Reader)

Daddy's Scars (Yandere! Goku, Raditz, Turles, and Bardock x Child! Reader)

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Y/n. You were just a normal little girl sent to your grandmother's house to visit. Your parents trusted you would take the safe little path around the big woods. 
You were a child. 
That was a bad call. 

The beckon of the unknown forest tugged at your adventurous spirit. 

Soon it was dark and you were alone and lost in the woods. 

You just so happened to stumble upon a huge mansion, who it belonged to you didn't know, but it was either go there, or be stuck in the dark forest all night. 

Four men welcomed you into their home, but what you didn't know is they're not going to let you leave...


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If by 'friendly' you mean psychotic saiyans, then yes they are 'friendly'
Is that Raditz ?? Oh my god I'm laughing soo hard at that picture
I'm Not A Freaking Pet!Though That Would Quite fine With Me...
DBZExpert DBZExpert Aug 16
Holy crap its Sonic the hege- er no, it's an alien. Holy s**t it's and alien!
DBZExpert DBZExpert Aug 16
They don't even bother to ask why I'm here. Topical Saiyans.
Reminds me of Undertale, when you cry for Mercy, it says, "But nobody came." or in the Genocide run, when you randomly get into a battle, it'll say, "But nobody came."