Searching For Laurens (ON HOLD)

Searching For Laurens (ON HOLD)

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{Modern Day Hamilton AU with lots of ships, drama, and feels}

June 25, 2006.

That was the last time John Laurens was ever seen by his best friends, Alexander Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan, and "Laffy Taffy" Lafayette. 

Last seen outside of New York, the young 11 year old disappeared, never to be heard from again.

10 years later, Alex, Hercules, and Lafayette are still looking for answers, while juggling a dance career that they had actually started with the help of their lost friend.

Since they had been children, the three friends had been aspiring dancers, going to classes three times a week, and usually stopping by their academy every weekend for at least 2 hours a day.

This goes on for several years, and eventually, the thought of John fades.

Even though it's still in the back of all of their minds.

Eliza, Peggy, and Angelica are dancers who are typically paired with the three for group practices, and usually, Angelica is the most focused of all of them...

...until a certain international dance team accepts her to work with them.

That's when, naturally, she gets extremely excited. But that doesn't seem to be the only reason.

Angelica is hiding something, and Eliza and Peggy are in on the fun. Alex and his friends know it for sure.

One day, Angelica comes back from a tour with them with news of a competition camp her team is hosting to find new members.

And this dance camp might be the biggest lead on John's location that Alex, Hercules, and Lafayette had ever had.

*screeches voice getting higher with every word*
                              IS MY PRECIOUS TURTLE DeAd?!
                              If he is I will NEVER forgive you
I challenge Peter to a duel. NO ONE is allowed to hurt the ray of sunshine that John Laurens is embodiment of.
It was amazingly devastating. I didn't cry but apparently most people did?
                              This is a try not to cry/murder Peter challenge for me now
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Hold up no peter better take his ass back to neverland and leave my poor bby alone
You hurt my precious turtle I hurt you a lot more. 
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