Save Me From Myself (boyxboy) [BDSM]

Save Me From Myself (boyxboy) [BDSM]

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jonsnow By jonsnow1359 Updated Oct 16, 2017

Chase is a 20 year old that suffers with severe ADHD, he can't seem to concentrate on anything or get any task done on time, and its eating him alive. He has no one to help him, other than his identical twin brother Alexander . 

One day Alexander decides to introduce Chase to BDSM relationships hoping that it may help him learn to control his ADHD 

After passing  6 months of  training at THE DUNGEON a bdsm night club, he is introduced to the strict multi-millionaire owner Master Nicolas...


NOTE: this is a boyxboy book , and may contain smut so if you don't enjoy such stories please just  ignore this book and move to another

  • adhd
  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • chase
  • control
  • disability
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  • domsub
  • gay
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  • submisive
  • twins
rustedsnowflake rustedsnowflake May 14, 2017
I'm sorry but being a Primal Predator in the bdsm lifestyle with severe ADHD, all of this is making me laugh, there's no way in hell anyone would act like this over ADHD, there's no way to control it except through medication. 😂
taytay1234567822642 taytay1234567822642 Jun 14, 2017
I'm more or less in the same boat  but I don't know where to start looking for a Dom. Can anyone help me?😔
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Sep 20, 2017
Am I the only one who actually wants him to do exactly what he said 😂
Bookwyvern1 Bookwyvern1 Jul 30, 2017
@jonsnow1359 when you say ADHD mess what ones in particular are you referring to? I strongly disapprove of Ritalin being used on people due to the side effects that can occur.
I swear I have to answer this question a billion times a day
TrashInTheTrashCan TrashInTheTrashCan Oct 18, 2017
I read "asked the older lad" in a really thick Scottish accent.
                              I'm so used to hearing Scottish people refer to me as 'Lass' and my brothers 'Lad' that I can't hear it with any other accent!