Save Me From Myself (boyxboy) [BDSM]

Save Me From Myself (boyxboy) [BDSM]

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jonsnow By jonsnow1359 Updated Oct 25

Chase is a 20 year old that suffers with severe ADHD, he can't seem to concentrate on anything or get any task done on time, and its eating him alive. He has no one to help him, other than his identical twin brother Alexander . 

One day Alexander decides to introduce Chase to BDSM relationships hoping that it may help him learn to control his ADHD 

After passing  6 months of  training at THE DUNGEON a bdsm night club, he is introduced to the strict multi-millionaire owner Master Nicolas...


NOTE: this is a boyxboy book , and may contain smut so if you don't enjoy such stories please just  ignore this book and move to another

WRIT3R44 WRIT3R44 Apr 05
I like it so far, your a great writer. Everything is so well explained
lena_read lena_read Aug 05
It's really good! I know nobody who has ADHD but I think you describe it surprisingly really well!
Yeah I still think it's weird that his brother is his dom lol
This is me right here. Im on medication for it too. Sucks ass when u forget to take it. It fucks up ur whole day
RaniaEll RaniaEll Jul 27
Alexander , alec . *gaaaasp* do you mean Alexander 'alec' lightwood
jonsnow1359 jonsnow1359 Aug 17
@HiddenDeepInSociety it's a large ship that he sometime uses as a house so it has a normal area and his privet are would be like a room and office a living room a toilet