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 DARK ANGEL: Nightwing X Reader (Female reader)

DARK ANGEL: Nightwing X Reader (Female reader)

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Max Gomez] By Iamwolverine23 Updated Apr 05

You moved to Gotham to get a new job. You were a very smart person and you would often work for the government. As a criminal lawyer, and novelist,  you are forced to have lots of information. The night of your 21st birthday, you were walking around in the city, but when you were about to be attacked by a group of gangsters, you are suddenly rescued from the danger by a certain someone...
* He rescued  me from the gangsters, i didn't know what to say, but i just wanted to know his name. All he said was: I'm  Nightwing. 
He left in the middle of the night, he had dark raven hair that would peek through. His costume was black with metalic details and blue in the front. He looked so mysterious yet fascinating to look at, i did not know his identity because he was wearing a mask. I wished that that night would never end. I would think about him all the time...

YN/ =Your name
EC/ =eye color
HC/ =hair color
LN/= last name
FC/ favorite color
FM/ favorite movie

Iamwolverine23 Iamwolverine23 Oct 24, 2016
I don't ship Sherlock and Watson either. I just put it as an example because they're like really good pals. That's what I meant
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Sep 16, 2016
Percy Jackson to his Annabeth Chase, Zia Rashid to her Carter Kane, Walter Stone to his Sadie Kane, Julius Kane to his Ruby Kane, Osiris to his Iris....... And a bunch of other I can say but here's by point😂
Silena01 Silena01 Dec 19, 2016
Percabeth! Everlark! Uh... Jemma!(and no one understands this because no one reads this book series Dx)
Iamwolverine23 Iamwolverine23 Oct 26, 2016
@BlueFood101 I don't ship them either, I meant partners in crime